Land your biggest coup…..

and completely without legal consequences!

Dealers Cup is the cannabis dice game (board game) for 2 to 6 players (18+) You buy fictitious weed or hashish, transport it with your ship and sell it again! On your journey you come across all kinds of nasty and funny obstacles that want to take your cargo. Without a suitable visa, you’ll be in trouble with the immigration authorities. Cleverly steal your fellow players’ cargo and hope that the same doesn’t happen to you.


Buy and sell goods

Buy your weed or hashish in one of the countries, load your ship with it and set sail quickly! The price of your goods always depends on your current position in the respective buying country (1-12). If you manage to buy on the last field no. 12, you receive a free flight to almost any field of your choice!


Stealing goods

If you enter the field of one of your fellow players, you may try to rob him. If you win the “dice battle”, his cargo belongs to you and moves from his ship to yours (the entire cargo!). But be careful, if one of your opponents manages to reach your space, he may also try to rob you!


Pot Island

If you land on Pot Island, you can relax. The island treasure is yours and you will be equipped with new cards. Nobody can rob you here! Enjoy the sunset with a mojito and let your mind wander. JA MAN!



  • 2 – 6 players
  • Suitable from 18 – 420 years.
  • The aim is to be the first to fulfill the requirements of your cargo card.

The specified quantities of Afghan, Ganja, Moroccan and Home Grown must be completed on your list. To do this, you must buy them, transport them and sell them again. Only after they have been sold may they be noted as done.
You will encounter a few obstacles on your journey. You must hope that none of your fellow players land on your field to rob you. But be sure there will also be nice, helpful stories to accompany you on your journey.

Even if you lose your cards and one of your good friends steals your cargo, be a fighter and don’t be discouraged. Face the challenges and you will see that there is always a way out! Soon you’ll be the thief yourself, get extra cards or even win the island treasure.

You’ll travel from Jamaica to Amsterdam or from Mexico to Berlin and visit other countries and cities. You may even end up in jail, lose your cargo or be robbed by one of your fellow players. Sometimes you become a thief yourself and manage to sell your stolen cargo for a profit.




On the shopping page, you can enter the 4 countries Jamaica, Mexico, Afghanistan and Morocco with the corresponding red visas. Here you can make your purchases according to your cargo cards. You may only use one of your cards at a time for shopping, which will now go into your ship. But don’t be fooled by the names of the countries! You can buy anything in any of the four purchasing countries! So you can get ganja in Afghanistan just as easily as hash.

P.S. Even though we fully understand that you are all in a hurry to leave the country, when you leave a country, the country itself is counted again!




On the opposite sales page, you can enter the 4 cities of New York, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam with the corresponding green visas. Your entire cargo will now be sold here at once according to your position. The quantities sold are now noted on your cargo card.


Complete the required sales as quickly as possible. The first player to fulfill all the requirements of their Cargo Card is the winner of the “Dealer’s Cup”. However, there is a second winning option. Once a player has reached the play money level of $2,000,000, he is automatically the winner, regardless of how his Cargo Card looks.

Dealer's Cup designer