Create your biggest cannabis deals

without legal side effects

Dealer’s Cup is an actual board game (table top) for 2 to 6 players (18+). Buy fictitious weed or hashish and also sell them fictionally. During your journey you will encounter various obstacles such as the Tax or Immigration Service. Steal the load from your fellow players and prevent the same from happening to you. Meanwhile, enjoy Pot Island!


Buy and Sell stash

Buy your weed or hash in one of the countries and cities and fill your boat with cargo. The higher the number in the country or in the city, the better prices you get. Land on box 12 for a comfortable flight!


Steal Cargo

Steal the cargo from one of your fellow players and become a top dealer. But beware, because your fellow players can steal your cargo also. Also watch out for the Immigration and Tax Administration courses!


Pot Island Life

When you arrive at Pot Island it is really time to enjoy yourself. Smoke some, enjoy the sundown, drink another Mojito and grab all the cash on Pot Island. YA MAN!!



Dealer’s Cup is the board game in the world of cannabis and is suitable for 2 – 6 players from 18 years and older. The goal is actually very clear, because you simply have to ensure that you fill your Cargo List as quickly as possible and have sold the required quantities of Moroccan, Afghan, Ganja and Homegrown. However, before you can sell it, you must first purchase it and it is not that simple. On the way to your buying countries and your selling cities, you will encounter various obstacles and your fellow players can steal your cargo!

During your purchase and sales journeys you can run against the Tax or Immigration Service, you may pay for the Rain Forest maintenance,

You may lose your Visa or Cargo cards or you have the bad luck that a fellow player steals your cargo. Be a hero yourself and steal someone else’s cargo! In the meantime, it may happen that you end up on a (SH)IT Happens box and then you can take a card. These cards give you SHIT or IT, either unpleasant or awesome.

Travel from Jamaica to Amsterdam, from Mexico to New York or from one of the other countries and cities. In addition, you may have the misfortune to end up in jail or, on the contrary, be lucky enough to be allowed to chill on Pot Island taking all the cash!




You buy your cargo in one of the 4 available countries, but make sure you have the correct red VISA card in your possession. After your purchase you put your cargo in your Dealer’s Cup cargo boat. BUY!




You sell your cargo in one of the 4 available cities for which you need a green VISA card. You sell everything in your cargo boat and write the result on your Cargo List. Get those numbers!


Get the required sales as quickly as possible and the first player to complete his/her Cargo list can call themselves the Dealer’s Cup Super Dealer. GANJA MAN!

Dealer's Cup designer