Welcome to the Next Dealer’s Cup!

Dealer’s Cup has been on the market since 2018. It has been strange times and times have changed. Where Dealers Cup would be present on almost every physical event related to cannabis possible, since the Covid measurements this was no longer possible. Yet board games have become more popular than ever, because people are more at home, connecting with loved ones and actually enjoying their time at home as much as possible.

The success story still continues for Dealers Cup, but of course we have to evolve. We have to spread our game to more places, make it extra interesting for stores to sell and we wanted to involve more people to Dealers Cup.

That is why it is time for Dealers Cup 2.0!

What is Dealers Cup 2.0?

Dealers Cup 2.0 is a new version of the well-know first version. This new version will have the same game rules, except it will be redesigned. It will be designed with brands and stores included in the game!

This way it will feel more real to play Dealers Cup. You will create more emotion into playing the game, since there are brands and stores included which you will know from your personal life.

Therefor Dealers Cup 2.0 will be created in collaboration with other brands and stores. We want to make Dealers Cup come to life and become even more real. But of course we will keep the humor and emotional rollercoaster in the game.

When will Dealers Cup 2.0 officially launch?

Promoting: Q1, 2022
Re-designing: Q2, 2022
Production and shipping: Q3, 2022
Launch Dealers Cup 2.0 for sales: Q4, 2022

Above dates are estimations and if possible, it will go faster.

Why is it interesting for you to participate?

You, as a brand or a store, now have the option to promote yourself in thousands of households. Your name can be on the game. People can play Dealers Cup 2.0 with your name designed in the game itself. This means that more people will get familiar with your brand or store, and this will have a possitive effect on your brand awareness and sales.

There are several ways for you to become a part of Dealers Cup 2.0. It all depends on your budget and who is the first to join. As soon as an area in the game is fulfilled with a brand or store, it is no longer possible to add your brand or store to the specific area. All areas are only to be sold once, so this means; first come, first serve.

Dealers Cup keeps the right to possibly decline a certain brand or store, if we don’t think it will make fit in Dealers Cup 2.0.

How can you participate?

We have several options available to show your brand or store logo in the game. Download the following PDF to get an overview of availabilities. Do you have any specific requests? Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

PDF Promotion File

Dealer’s Cup Promovideo